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Update 23.05.2017: All bf2 servers are down.

The servers are down because the bf2demo server can't connect to anymore.
Good day and happy new year 2016,

I have found a replacement for the server that you mentioned. I hope it will works.

- OR -

I have noticed that supports BF2 demo now.
It would be nice if it would works. Haven't tested it because all BF2 demo servers are down so I can't put any IP to connect using bf2hub.
Before the multidat airstrike was down, i was able to play with my account I use all the time via IP, got ingame 2nd Lieutenant rank and points weren't able to write down to multidat stats because of gamespy shutdown, thats logic.

Hopefully it is possible to make it happen, mean put BF2hub special software to your server ( ), we clients could connect to Airstrike via BF2 Hub client and hopefully there will be multidat server listed on Server list. Play like gamespy was working, keep saving your score to multidat kill stats dashboard (not on bf2hub stats, thats probably for BF full versions), ranking up etc..

It's time to see old friends back! :)

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I have added the bf2 hub patch and it seems to work.
All servers are running again.
At client side it works also with linux / wine.


Server isn't listed in the bf2 hub server list.

In-game browser shows no servers, you have to connect
manually to the server (this could be because of bf2demo lists only servers with the same version).

It is working! Well done! Thanks nemro!

Have been playing Airstrike for few hours, server runs great, like two years ago :) But there were 3 players only in.

Anyway we (me, KaT_pl and probably other players) don't have ingame rank from our multidat profiles. Maybe our profiles got connected wrongly between bf2 game and multidat stats system? And then updating DataBase?

For other players: To get working bf2demo you must first download BF2hub client , install and open. It will run bf2hub exe program in your Windows process & system tray (takes only 2 Mb for me, so i keep it running nonstop ) and pick up your favorite server in server browser. Well, see ya on the battle ground!
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
After some investigations, that's the situation:

Gamespy and bf2 hub pids / profile ids are different.
bf2 hub hasn't access to the official gamespy account data
(pids, emails, passwords).

This leads to the following implications:

We can't verify gamespy accounts.
That means everyone can add a account to the
bf2 hub db which hasn't added already by another player.

Therefore everyone can use every account from our stats db.
If someone wants to get the rank "general", he just have to add the
account "finndanger" to the bf2 hub db and he can play as "finndanger"
on every bf2 hub server.

Possible solutions:

A new stats db.


Clean solution, no mixing of gamespy and bf2 hub accounts.

No one can take the rank, score from "gamespy players".


Lots of work if many players with gamespy accounts want have
their stats migrated to the new stats db.

Gamespy player names are still not protected.

Is it worth the effort?

If there are just 3 or 4 players, probably not.
But if there are constantly 20 - 30 players at least
in the evening, it would be conceivable.
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
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