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Hi there,

I found on the internet next great replacement for Gamespy. MultiDat servers are actually connected to bf2hub and their login/registration is more difficult because people are still trying to retrieve their old accounts with old gamespy IDs and it makes non-sense ranks in-game, login to any account with any password etc.

New don't use a network switcher or any other 3rd party software to go online like bf2hub. It actually works like two years ago before gamespy shutdown - playing with new account names, new BFHQ stats database works like official ranking, able to make standalone server with official ranking or private such as Mutlidat servers + web stats.
Nobody can not use your account (or make new account with any password)

I was thinking about if you could move servers to bf2demo. It would be easier to play on them, private ranking again on new DB stats web and few instructions how-to-play on Multidat. Bf2hub lists all servers to their server list .
I think it would be easier for new users to play back to good old bf2 demo online and play with new names, ranks and stats on new project.

Actually I can provide you more infos when I get some material from the admins.

Nice sunday for ya!
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