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Whats everyone playing now that the demo is down?
Please leave a comment. Thanks

otherwise I play
Battlefield 2 + some mods
mostly Battlefield 3 PC
Unreal Tournament 2004
APB Reloaded (server: EU1)
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
Currently I try out some of .
If some one knows some free fps games with free dedicated linux server,
I will look at it too.
what do you think about ?

I tryed to create a BF2 Demo server - succesfull
But the negatives are:
- have to tell BF2 players to install & register GameRanger program
- GameRanger doesn't support Linux users yet
- To run server, you must be logged into the game (or not?)
I don't know if it allows to run modified maps (In our case Gulf of Oman_32 with 64 players (Airstrike settings))

If anyone is interested to try BF2 Demo with me, add me on GameRanger with nickname: Leopard 10.5 and PM me so.
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
The problem with such services is, that you be dependent on the service.
Without a support for a linux server, this wouldn't make much
I think I just convinced Project Manager of aka to make working the connection between BF2 demo login server to those multidat servers.
I hope it works out. :lol:
I'll inform you when I get more info.

Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
If you know the address of the battlelog account server, it should be sufficient to
redirect the gamespy address to the battlelog server address within you local
hosts file.
I have joined to Airstrike server via another login server. ... y-BF2-Demo
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
This seems not to work here.
Did you redirected the login request to the another servers by editing your "hosts" file? (in your client BF2 demo)
Is so, are you signing up with same password "qtracker"?
Server list won't show to me, so I join via IP adress (in our care for Airstrike). It takes a little longer time.
And in live stats, when I click on my profile (when Im online), it redirects me to new BF2 profile with even shorter URL number like ...4321 or what.


I know, it's weird with the password thing, but I don't know a better way... promised to demo players working login server for demo + executable file, but nothing happened :(
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
Maybe its because I use a emulated windows instead of native windows.
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