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Someone can play online ??? PLZ help me if yes cause i try with my old account and new account and still cant play online... ;(
special if someone can invite here someone from poland like Tisto or someone it will be helpfull cause im bad in english and cant still play :(
Hey Kat Pl,
try login to BF2 demo now and then try any server.
If it won't works, try register here with your BF2 username:
You don't have to download any BF2 launcher, just register and try BF2 demo. Let me know later.
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yes its work i dont know how.
but next day i was online

only KaT_pl works
i check other acc after register on but only KaT_pl works
and multidat stats was actualy! xD
onl.y my record - more then 2000 points is not still show on server messege table xd

anyway my PC is goin to end yesterday cause my CONDENSERs (3x) is burn
tommorow friend change it on my motherboard
i burn it cause too much overclock
but now i install system on some old one pentium 4 one core processor
i like to use this system in future so I must ask u to help!
i cant start bf2 demo on this system, dont know why
maybe u help me how i can use bf2 demo on intel p4 ??
i just install win7 on it so maybe i do some with that but maybe u give me some fast link here for resolve ???
The server list is empty now.
i have "server connection refused" on my second PC
primary computer is repairing so I copy my profiles but cant connect

someone play online ?
Hey , i had the same problem , but i found this tutorial for this , I hope it will hep you :)
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Wer ist online?

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