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I get in server on gameranger but now no online server. There was only one. Now its off.
Anyway gameranger change my account settings for that. And server must be register there.

But i think there is better method! - BATTLELOG.CO

Like some of u know. I stay online for 2 days after gamespy off. Today night electric shut down and im off too.
But when im online some guy normal logoff and login with many accounts name.
He told me that he register on and he even dont use bf2hub but if he make new account, he copy profile folder 00001 to 00002 and change in one file account values. After that he login on same password like on and he login.
He say sometimes he can login after few try. But sometimes normal.
And he comes to me in these days for few times.

Danger can chceck all chat log server on his admin tools and will see all clear.

BUT! i try what he told me, and I cant repeat that ;(

this guy I was talkin about is write that here ... down/page4
his nickname blackwolf

noone can repeat that
so i hear some about that it is possible with hack, maybe he dont know how he do this ???

I can login to BF2 DEMO. I don't use any hack to that. I simply made an account at
I logged in there on the forum once, then I can use that account in bf2 demo. If you don't login there, your password will be incorrect.
I didn't download anything.

I have now 3 account there, all works...

I don't use special characteres. This is my name there.
If BATTLELOG.CO emulates the gamespy servers, it should be sufficient to just redirect the gamespy ip to the BATTLELOG.CO ip wihtin you local hosts file.
Damn it works! Thanks
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
What now? Will you continue to run servers with new accounts data or did you get better idea?
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
1. Old account with stats should stay!

2. I download on my KaT_pl stats from gamespy to
It is possible to play here on same account ?
i cant login with KaT_pl or second old account
i register new w/o special parameters, call simply "KA7"
but it isnt work too

i use before gameranger, maybe it somehow block me now
but i dont know

guy from say me they work on DEMO too
This is statement from theblue on facebook
Blue Entertainment LLC: "We will make a version for the demo."
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
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