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1.: The tanks. They are just too overpowered for this small map. It doesn't make fun if you get killed by a guy in a tank all the and you can kill him only, if you are die 2-4 times.

2. The Artillery. Maybe the arti is the onliest really usefull weapon against the tanks but if your team doesn't has all flags it's really annoying get baseraped by the arti all the time (and this server doesn't have a high "population"). So this mixture of arty and tanks, especially if the enemy has both tanks,is leading that the players are leaving the server and that would be sad.
I can life with the construction building near the US mainbase. But what is for you "more players"? For me are that about 20 players but that's rare. There are almost about 10 players online (I'm speaking from the "old times". I do not know how popular the new Groundops is or will be) and if you get baseraped by 2 tanks, artillery and your arti is destroyed you can do nothing. And that's a little bit frustrating. I'm sure you stay at your opinion, but maybe you can set the tank respawn a little bit longer? So you can breath a little bit and set mines on strategic important points before the tank is comming again, OK the M1A2 is slow but anyway. Just a suggestion from a player.

(My english isn't perfect. Excuse me if something sounds wrong)
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