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I would like to add something harsher for campers and baserapers.
They are so belligerent when they are attacking to enemy base. We cannot go away from base. I recommend 3 times do that and RoundBan or Kick for them.
Any comments? Type here!
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
the pb is this guy is noob and want bann all guys who own his ass !!!!

Unfortunetly yu need to bann every one cause this guy is a crap

Plz leopard just stop bf2 back to pokemon men

Yu are a shame
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
Men yu cry about pb who no one can something

Since All that years this pb continue and its not kevin who will change something
-kevin should start to try how bann correctly hehe :)-

There will have for ever some noobs raper because those noobs can t make points otherly
Baseraper are like a virus who no one can stop
and if yu start to stop it yur serv will be empty !!!!! really fast

Its demo gaypard don t forget it
Good evening,
Im opening this topic, because nobody do something or reply something.

These Anti-Baseraping warning messages are really unnecessary and the some players are continue in baseraping by jets, helicopters or weapons in hand. The enemy or player in your team dont have captured flags and do baseraping and they spoils your game.
Really annoying and irritating.

Please do something or :angry-banghead: .

Im suggesting kick or round-ban for them after 3 raped and hopefully his behavior will improve. If not - it depends for in-game admins.

Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
I agree with Leo, anit-baserape system needs some adjustments. In my opinion it could be works better with auto-ban after 3 baserape kills, just for round. On [HI]Ca..... server, anit-baserape script ban player for 24h after 3 br kills and it works really good (they have no problems with baserapers and on the server is still nice amount of players). Multidat for Europe is really good position (nice ping), i don't think so, that server could be really fast empty. Maby, Nemro could do at least some test for few days or week?.
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
Thanks. One more case nemro, it could be useful too add some communicate on BF2 loading screen and in game ( some like: 3 base rape kills = round ban) or similar. It could prevent unwarranted topics for unban.
thanks for it, but i dont saw any kick or roundban after 3 baserapes.
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
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