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"Seat switching" has been removed from the rules now.
If you think the "seat switching"-rule should be reinstated, you can post it here.
You can use this thread also for a general discussion about the rule.
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i think the no seat-switching rule is a good one, although it's true that a lot of guys disregard it. they're too high for iglas and stingers, and very hard to take down with planes, at least for people with my skill, but i know for a fact that a lot of people leave the game after seat switchers repeatedly take them down "from nowhere". i'm curious about other player's opinions. cheers!
I dont like the seat switching neither, and there are more ppl argueing about it. I ll let them know to write down on the forum
I have to say, I used it on my own. But, if I think about it,maybe it would be a good idea to reupdate this rule. Seatswitching is one of the reasons many player "give a damn" on teamplay.
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Thanks for updating the rules. Seat switching should never be against the rules, it's something that requires skill for good use.

If the rule comes ever back, then also make one for no switching in fav/armor/black hawk/apc/su34 etc etc.

I think it could be very good to put that :) seatswitching rule back again, lots of vehicles there allready, some balance for infantry also.

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I would like to keep the seat-switching for a long time and know to, What do people will say about that.
Battlefield 2 is love, Battlefield 2 is life
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