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Lately on the server it's getting boring, less real action, no more fighting for the flags, it's all about getting the most kills in a round by base ramping the enemy in jets/helicopters.

When I visited Cobra gaming, I saw that they made use of anti-base ramp system where players were not aloud to base ramp unless all flags were capped and they would be kicked/roundbanned if they still did. You(Nemro) most likely already know what system I'm talking about and there using. Could we have such system and try it out for a bit and see if it works yes or no, unless you have a different solution to bring more action to the game and make people capture flags more often.

I'm really getting sick of being base ramped by noobs in jets who can't even fly properly.

Feedback, constructive criticism, or anything else is all welcome!
I know this script. We had it running some time ago. The problem was, most players have ignored it, so it led to many
kicks for killing inside the base area and a nearly empty server.
Here is an example, USMC is getting completely base-ramped. Teams are completely unfair, good players stocked up on one team(Mec). Just look at the player stats(Kills/deaths).

RIP xxx(CZ)xxx :D :D ps.: full of congratulations for servers!
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